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  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing
  • On-Going Random Drug Testing
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing
    • Detects up to 90 days in the past
  • Instant On-Site Drug Tests
  • Pre-Employment Background Checks



Instant Pre-employment drug testing :

  •  Available to non-DOT employers only
  • All instant drug tests are FDA Cleared
  • Test results reported to employer within 30 minutes of donor collection
  • Positive test results reported within 24-72 hours from specimen being received at laboratory
  • Lower cost per test.
  • All positives are sent to a laboratory overnight to be confirmed through the confirmation process of GC/MS
  • Call for pricing *Group discount rates available

Workplace Drug Testing

Our company provides laboratory and/or instant on-site drug tests to business owners who value implementing a drug testing program. Drug Test Midwest, LLC provides clients with proper paperwork and local laboratory, collection or on-site appointments for their employees.

What Are The Benefits Of A Drug-Free Workplace?

•Increased productivity

•Reduced turnover

•Reduced tardiness

•Reduced absenteeism

•Safer work environment

•Saving of valuable time on the hiring process

•Hiring only drug free employees

•Reduced health insurance costs

•Workers Comp Insurance Incentives - many States require a 5% discount

Laboratory Testing:
•All of the labs that we work with are SAMHSA Certified
•We can accommodate all state and federally regulated industries
•Over 4,000 collection sites available in the United States Instant