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Drug Test Midwest, LLC offers three types of Child Hair Testing:

5 Panel

  1. Amphetamines
  2. Cannabinoids
  3. Cocaine
  4. Opiates
  5. PCP

7 Panel- Includes  all 5 drugs above plus,

  1. Barbiturates
  2. Benzodiazepines

9 Panel-Includes all 7 drugs above plus,

  1. Methadone
  2. Propoxyphene

Child Hair testing through Drug Test Midwest, LLC

​Child Hair Drug Testing-Environmental Exposure

When a child is exposed to illegal substance abuse they often also face other coexisting obstacles to a normal life - neglect, abuse, violence, and other vulnerabilities. Substance abuse is a disease, one that often prevents adults from doing what is in a child’s interests. Our environmental exposure test for children can help.

Our child hair environmental exposure test is the only drug test designed to detect passive exposure to drugs. Our test detects both native drugs and drug metabolites in the hair sample. Drug metabolites are produced in the body only if drugs have been ingested. Children in drug exposed environments are most often not drug users themselves, so drug metabolites are typically absent in child samples being tested for drug exposure. Typical hair tests with other labs will only report a positive exposure result if drug metabolites are detected, even when the native drug is in the child hair sample. Our child hair environmental exposure test reports a positive result if either native drugs or drug metabolites are detected.

A child hair test can provide evidence of drug use in a child’s environment for the past 3 months. A positive test result suggests that the child has experienced one or more of the following: passive inhalation of drug smoke, contact with drug smoke, contact with sweat or sebum (skin oil) of a drug user, contact with the actual drug, and accidental or intentional ingestion of illegal drugs. Our research-based, forensic test for passive exposure is the first and only test of its kind.