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We can test for alcohol consumption through Biomarker Testing. 

Alcohol can be tested by collection of fingernails, hair or dried blood spot.  Detection can go up to 3 months prior to the test.  This is the latest in helping those in need of help or any court ordered requirements.

Below is an article from Milwaukee news station highlighting fingernail collection to help those individuals who need it.

Fingernail Video News clip

Alcohol Biomarker Testing

Alcohol Biomarker Testing

Alcohol Biomarker Testing

The Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 requires drug and alcohol testing of safety-sensitive transportation employees in aviation, trucking, railroads, mass transit, pipelines and other transportation industries. DOT publishes rules on who must conduct drug and alcohol tests, how to conduct those tests and what procedures to use when testing. These regulations cover all transportation employers, safety-sensitive transportation employees and service agents -roughly 12.1 million people. Encompassed in 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 40, the Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance (ODAPC) publishes, implements and provides authoritative interpretations of these rules.

– U.S. Department of Transportation Website

We perform an Accuracy Check after every Positive Confirmation test

We're trained as a Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT) for DOT or Non-DOT testing requirements.

We use the latest equipment BAT EBT Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0bt

Breath Alcohol Testing